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MDS Optional Accessories

Endo Shelf

Includes medical rail shelf with two bilateral slide-out shelves for MDS or MDS D.

Medical Rail Shelf

Shelf Includes medical rails. Add if equipment may overload the standard 3-shelf configuration.

Shelf with Keyboard

Kit includes: (A280-0130) medical rail shelf with sliding keyboard carriage for customer-supplied keyboard. Carbon fiber, shoulder mount (attaches by sliding thin section under patient/table pad), flat. Includes pad and strap.

Multi-position Arm Support

Attaches to IDI tables with accessory rails - or can be used with a clamp on accessory rail on tables or areas within a table that do not have accessory rails.  Length: 23.5 inches (600mm).

Articulated Arm Kit

Kit includes the mounting clamp and articulated arm for mounting a third 15” monitor (10 lb. max load) or patient monitor.  

Suction Canister Kit

Includes: 2 suction canister rail clamps and brackets suitable for 3000 ml canister. 

Cable Hook

Cable storage J-hook for external cables.

C02 Bracket Kit

Includes pair of CO2 bottle holder brackets for customer-suppliedinsufflator. Bottle and accessories supplied by customer. 

Shelf with Nook

Includes: Medical rail shelf with under-mounted nook that will accommodate a DAU switcher, freeing up shelf space. Customer installation only. Nook size: 4” H x 19” W.

3rd Monitor Printer Preparation Kit

Includes: NDS 15” medical grade monitor, Articulated Arm Kit # A282 - 0016, DVI cable, and DVI output module (to printer), and 3’ DVI dual link cable. DVR and digital printer are not included. Prep Kit permits observation of the images sent to a digital printer and aids input/visualization of on-screen patient information.

External Source Cable Kit

Kit includes cables for any external device that is not mounted directly onto the MDS stand (i.e. ultrasound, PACS, hemodynamics). 

IV Pole Kit

Includes two IV rail clamps and two-hook IV Pole. Clamps are suitable for mounting 4’ 2-hook IV pole onto two medical rail equipped (A280-0130) shelves. Note: this option requires two shelves with medical rails.