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Vascular Imaging Table







Our most advanced imaging table delivers extended positioning and imaging capabiliti

  • 4-way Floating Tabletop with 32″ (81cm) longitudinal float
  • Isocentric Lateral Roll  Patented design
  • Trendelenburg Tilt ( ±12°)
  • Motorized Elevation

The Aspect ISR G2 is the flagship of the Aspect series table line; designed to be the preferred imaging solution during interventional and vascular procedures. Featuring true iso-centric lateral roll – anatomy on the iso axis remains centered in the fluoroscopic field of view.

The ISR G2 provides longitudinal tabletop float of 32 inches (81.2 cm) in a very compact platform enabling comprehensive coverage throughout the anatomical imaging area without C-arm movement – and does so in a table with an ideal overall length of only 84 inches.

With the addition of the optional head extension, the imaging area is increased to 74″ (187cm).

A high-quality carbon fiber tabletop and 2” thick tabletop pad deliver minimal total x-ray attenuation

Elevate and tilt functions are fully motor driven – no hydraulics – lower cost of service and no dangerous oil leaks!



Trendelenburg tilt: ±12°

Aspect ISR Imaging Table▲ Longitudinal Travel: 32″ (81.3cm)

▲ Iso-roll 12°

▲ Transverse travel: 8″ (20.3cm)


Clamp-on Accessory Rail A100-1007 Rail is 6″ long x 3/8” thick x 1-1/8” high.

Arm Board A310-056 Quick-release, rail mounted. Requires Clamp-on Accessory Rail A100-1007.

Arm Board A310-059 Carbon fiber, shoulder mount (attaches by sliding thin section under patient/table pad), flat. Includes pad and strap.

Multi-position Arm Support C000-1180 Attaches to IDI tables with accessory rails – or can be used with a clamp on accessory rail on tables or areas within a table that do not have accessory rails. Length: 23.5 inches (600mm).

Headrest Extension A100-2317 Articulating carbon fiber headrest, Attaches to the imaging end of the table. Requires the table to have an X100-2492 style tabletop. 23-1/8” wide x 12” long.

Tabletop Catheter Tray Extension A100-1769 24.25” wide, 30” long. Mounts to pedestal end of table only. The maximum weight this extension can support is 20 LBS or 9 Kgs.

Tabletop Catheter Tray Extension A100-2322 20 3/4” x 27” long. Mounts to imaging end of table only. Requires tabletop X100-2492. The maximum weight this extension can support is 20 LBS or 9 Kgs.

Radiation Shield A610-051 Articulating, rail-mounted. Attaches to table side-rail at base end of table, either side, adjustable. Articulating joint allows shield to conform to table contour. Snap-on upper section above level of tabletop is removable.

Anesthesia Screen Holder C000-0965 Flexible “hoop” style. Mounts directly to A100-2317 Headrest Extension. For use on accessory rails – a pair of rotating side rail clamps, part number C000-0746, are required. Rotating side rail clamps and clamp-on accessory rails are not required if table is ordered with the A100-2317 Headrest Extension.

Anesthesia Screen Holder C000-0973 Rigid rod, single point mount. Adjusts vertically from 22″ to 30″ and rotates horizontally. (Requires one rotating side rail clamp C000-0746. If anesthesia screen is to be attached to tabletop area that has no side rail a clamp-on accessory rail is also required.

Peripheral Extension A100-2486 Carbon fiber extension, mounts to imaging end of table only. 22″ wide,, 12” long. Maximum weight for this extension is 25 lbs or 11.4 Kgs. – Requires tabletop X100-2492

ISR Table Foot Switch with Safety Hood A000-2071 Foot control for Aspect ISR G2 table. Foot control motions are: iso-roll, transverse travel, elevate/lower and Trendelenburg down/up. (Safety hood helps avoid accidental motorized table movement from foot switch).

IDI Medical Grade Anti-Fatigue Mat C000-1181 22” x 66” (59cm x 167cm) Heavy-duty, one-piece construction for high-traffic areas. Safe & non-toxic, contains no plasticizers and will not leach over time. Durable brushed texture. Surface is puncture & abrasion-resistant. Antimicrobial properties for added protection. Stain & chemical resistant. No-curl, beveled edges that reduce tripping potential. Non-slip bottom certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.

VAB Armboard A100-2244 Carbon fiber, one-piece, extra wide armboard for vascular access procedures (body section slides under patient/table pad). Includes strap and pad.


Table movements

  • Elevate and Tilt functions are fully motor driven – no hydraulics!
  • Elevation: 32″ – 40″ (81-102cm), including 2″ (5cm) tabletop pad.
  • Trendelenburg Tilt: ±12° with  automatic “stop-at-level” positioning.
  • Lateral roll: ±12°, isocentric.
  • 4-way manual floating tabletop with panning hand control.
  • Longitudinal tabletop travel: 32” (81.3 cm).
  • Transverse tabletop travel: 8” (20.3 cm).
  • Automatic locking of longitudinal float when table is not level (head up or head down). Transverse float is available regardless of tilt or roll position.
  • Dual-wheel 6 caster system with 3-position locking system: total unlock, total lock, and steering lock (for easy transport).

Imaging Area

  • Imaging area at full longitudinal extension = 73″ (185cm) with optional headrest attached and 61″ (155 cm) without optional headrest attached.

Tabletop dimensions

  • Standard tabletop dimensions: 19.5”/22”/24” X 84”
    (49.5cm/55.8cm/60.96cm x 213.3 cm). #X100-2492
  • Optional tabletop dimensions: 22”/24” X 84”
    (55.8cm/60.9cm x 213.3 cm). #X100-2426


  • Patient weight capacity: 450 lbs. (204 kg) with full table functionality at max. patient weight.
  • Table weight: 605 lbs. (274 kg).


  • Full operation on either AC or internal battery power.
  • 115 VAC or 230 VAC operation (must specify with order).