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IDI 1000F Flat Panel Monitor Suspension Systems

IDI provides track-mounted monitor suspension systems for flat panel displays. All of our systems are engineered to provide maximum monitor viewing and easy positioning during medical procedures, with adjustable sweep arms and monitor mounts.


225x150suspensionThe IDI 1000F provides unlimited flexibility in display positioning during imaging procedures. The system features a counterbalanced arm with vertical travel and internal cable routing. A dual-axis flat panel mount permits independent panel mounting and positioning. The IDI1000F is versatile suspension that can be easily integrated with existing imaging systems requiring two to six panel configurations.

The IDI 1000F is available as a fixed or mobile suspension. The mobile package includes the 8'-10" Easymount clip system, an Image Diagnostics innovation that reduces installation time and effort by eliminating the need for measuring and drilling.

Enhancements include: extended length ceiling rails, X-Y OEM bridge systems, cable carrier kits, and supplemental mounting brackets for the installation of a full-range of flat panel devices.

Additional mobile carriages are available in a universal mounting configuration. These additional carriages can be used as a platform to support surgical lights, radiation shields, injectors and other ceiling suspended equipment, providing a complete room solution and consistency of appearance. The IDI 1000F is available in most OEM colors.

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  • 225x150suspensionMobile gantry and counterbalanced swing arm with:
    • 42"(106.7cm) sweep radius
    • 25" (63.5cm) vertical travel
    • ±180° rotation
  • Anodized aluminum ceiling rails (8'-10'') with Easymount clip system
  • Flat panel array with ±180° rotation
  • Array includes two to six display panel mounts with ±10° tilt
  • Complete installation package with:
    • Meter box mounts
    • All mounting hardware and cable management components, bracket & covers
    • 25’ flexible corrugated conduit
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  • Rail lengths up to 17'-8"
  • X-Y OEM rail adapters with bridge rails
  • Custom meter box mounting kits
  • Cable carrier kits
  • Companion mobile carriages for mounting lights, radiation shields and injectors, and other devices in IDI rails
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1000F Suspension System Brochure Thumb

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