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Sim.LED 7000
Premium lighting for challenging procedures

HighLine Surgical Lights – SIMEON’S BEST

Demanding tasks require superior solutions. SIMEON HighLine surgical lights give you all the benefits of cutting-edge LED technology in a very compact and durable package. Controls are intuitive. Surfaces are anti-bacterial. The aluminum body resists impact damage while improving LED heat transfer. The glass face dramatically improves long term performance under repeated exposure to harsh cleaners. Lights are available in single and multi-color versions. The SIMEON triangle design offers the maximum light-emitting surface while allowing for two light heads to nest side-by-side providing a single large light field over the patient.

Premium surgical lighting for challenging procedures

  • Technology: Patented reflector technology delivers uniform light intensity, a large depth of focus and an outstanding level of shadow free illumination.
  • Durability: Glass front face – will not cloud over time. Aluminum Chassis for superior heat
    transfer and LED longevity – rugged construction, 60,000+ hour life span!
  • Security: 10 year warranty!*

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Multi-color and single-color lights

  • At 3,500, 4,000, 4,500, 5,000 or 5,500 kelvins, HighLine multi-color (MC)  lights achieve a consistently high Ra > 96 at any color temperature setting.
  • The HighLine single-color (SC) lights with cutting-edge monochromatic white-light LEDs ensure ideal lighting conditions in any OR situation.

Innovative antibacterial coating

  • Highest level of antimicrobial efficacy (log 5.9 for Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus)
  • Reduces germs by > 99.999 %
  • No potentially physiologically harmful nano-silver or free silver ions
  • Antimicrobial effect in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801)

RSRS: For light without shadows

  • Reflector Shadow Resolution System (RSRS) for a unique light quality: large light-emitting surface, shadow-free light, for ideal illumination entirely without sensor systems or automatic adaptation of the light values.

Patented reflector technology

  • Top light performance
  • Outstanding shadow resolution
  • Unsurpassed light-emitting surface
  • Integrated ambient light for minimally invasive surgery

STERILE my.GRIP control

  • Sterile control of two operating functions in parallel and directly on the sterile handle
  • Up to 12 freely selectable combinations
  • Additional step for optimal hygienic conditions
  • Easily programmable using cardanic control panel


  • Very low energy consumption
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency – low power consumption
  • Excellent laminar flow values
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to maximum energy efficiency with optimal heat management
  • Very long service life

Revolutionary triangle design

  • The unique SIMEON triangle design offers a maximum light-emitting surface and an optimal depth of illumination.
  • Made of lightweight aluminum, the light body and suspension system allows for fast and smooth positioning.
  • The unique light head design allows positioning of lights directly over the surgical field virtually without a gap.

Service, maintenance and expansion-friendly

  • Easy upgrade to the latest LED generation
  • Easily incorporated into integrated systems via Sim.INTERFACE
  • System expansion via Sim.CAM camera and Sim.SCREEN monitor mounting arm systems
  • Upgradeable service software

Cardiac OR Triple Combination

  • A triple combination of HighLine Sim.LED 7000/7000/5000 brings the perfect light for any cardiac intervention.
SIMEON HighLine  Sim.LED 7000 SC
(Single Color)
 Sim.LED 7000 MC
Central illumination intensity at a distance of 1 meter [lx]  160,000  160,000
Electronical dimmability from/to [lx]  48,000 – 160,000  48,000 – 160,000
Color temperature [K]  4,500  3,500/4,000/4,500/
Focusable field size d10 at a distance of 1 meter [mm]  180 – 300  180 – 300
Electronic field adjustment  yes  yes
Color rendering index Ra in every color temperature setting  96  96
Red rendering index R9  96  94
”Skin color” rendering index R13  98  98
Illumination depth without refocusing (L1+ L2) at 20 % [mm]  1,100  1,100
Illumination depth without refocusing (L1+ L2) at 60 % [mm]  500  500
Light head weight [kg]  18  18
Light head power consumption [W]  66  60
LED life time [h]  > 60,000  > 60,000
Temperature increase at head height  < 1°C  < 1°C
Light-emitting surface  2,940 cm²  2,940 cm²
Sim.CAM  optional  optional
Approval  CE  CE

Tolerance ±10%
Technical specifications are subject to change