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Interventional / Endovascular Table with Trendelenburg tilt
Now with Wireless Table Side & Pendant Hand Controls
Choice of two tabletops

The 100-4T is designed to be the preferred imaging solution during interventional and vascular procedures.

The 100-4T provides longitudinal tabletop float of 32 inches (81.2 cm) in a very compact platform enabling comprehensive coverage throughout the anatomical imaging area without C-arm movement – and does so in a table with an ideal overall length of only 84 inches.

With the addition of the optional head extension, the imaging area is increased to 80″ (203cm).

A high-quality carbon fiber tabletop and 2” thick tabletop pad deliver minimal total x-ray attenuation

Elevate and tilt functions are fully motor driven – no hydraulics – lower cost of service and no dangerous oil leaks!

100-4T G3

▲ Trendelenburg tilt: ±12°

▲ Longitudinal Travel: 32″ (81.3cm)

100-4T G3

▲ Transverse travel: 8″ (20.3cm)

The 100-4T is an affordable solution for C-arm imaging in endovascular and other interventional procedures where a 4-way floating tabletop and trendelenburg tilt is desired.  The 100-4T represents the ideal balance between performance and price in IDI’s imaging table line.


  • 4-way Floating Tabletop
  • 600 lb capacity
  • 80″ of imaging area with headrest
  • Trendelenburg Tilt ( ±12°)
  • Transverse Float 8″ (20.3cm)
  • Motorized Elevation 13″ (33cm)
  • Longitudinal Travel 32″ (81.3cm)
  • Stainless steel covers
  • Three year parts and labor warranty

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Choose from two tabletops

 Standard Tabletop

100-4T #A100-2602 (U.S. Accessory Rails)
100-4T #A100-2831 (Metric Accessory Rails)

The standard tabletop 24”x 22”x 19.5”x 84” with mini-rails provides 68” of imaging area.

When equipped with the optional headrest or peripheral extension, the imaging area increases to 80 inches, allowing head-to-toe imaging on a 6’ 8” patient.

A high-quality carbon fiber tabletop and 2” thick tabletop pad deliver minimal total x-ray attenuation.

G.I. Width Tabletop

100-4T #A100-3890 (U.S. Accessory Rails)
100-4T #A100-3891 (Metric Accessory Rails)

The G.I. width 24” x 84” rectangular tabletop provides an expanded
surface for larger patients in GI and and specialized imaging applications.

The table includes full-length integrated side rails for accessory
mounting and one table-width extender.

The high-quality carbon fiber tabletop
and 2” thick tabletop pad delivers
minimal total x-ray attenuation.


Table movements

4-way manual floating tabletop with wireless panning hand control.

  • Longitudinal tabletop travel: 32” (81.3 cm).
  • Transverse tabletop travel: 8” (20.3 cm).
  • Trendelenburg Tilt: ±12° with automatic “stop-at-level” positioning and longitudinal safety lockout when in trendelenburg.
  • Table elevation: 30” – 43” (76 -109 cm) without tabletop pad. 32″ – 45″ (81 – 114 cm) with pad
  • Transverse float is available regardless of tilt or roll position.
  • Dual-wheel caster system. Simple central locking system for easy transport and positioning
  • Automatic locking of longitudinal float when table is not level

Imaging Area

  • Imaging area at full longitudinal extension = 80″ (203cm) with optional headrest attached and 68″ (173 cm) without optional headrest attached.

Tabletop construction

  • Carbon fiber, foam core, low x-ray attenuation

Standard accessories

  • Tabletop Pad: 2″ thick flexible polyurethane foam.
  • Wireless panning hand control, rail-mounted
  • Wireless pendant hand control
  • Patient Restraint Straps (2)

Tabletop dimensions

  • Standard tabletop dimensions: 19.5”/22”/24” X 84”
    (49.5cm/55.8cm/60.96cm x 213.3 cm). #X100-2492


  • Patient weight capacity: 600 lbs. (272 kg) with full table functionality at max. patient weight.
  • Table weight: 605 lbs. (274 kg).


  • 120VAC < 10amps, 230V optional.
  • Full operation from internal battery – includes battery status indicator. Battery capacity 14Ah
  • 20’ (6 meter) power cord.

600 pound capacity – Standard
No additional costs or up-charges

Unprecedented 80″ imaging area
(with optional headrest)
Allows full body imaging of a 6′-8″ patient

Choice of two tabletops

Standard Tabletop

G.I. Width Tabletop

Wireless table control at your fingertips
Panning and motorized functions are combined into one easy-to-use wireless control handle. No need to switch between a pendant and panning control

Low-dose table top and pad

Reduces overall dose to patient and staff

Mini rail system on head end of table
Install or remove the headrest or extensions in seconds – no additional accessories required.

Wireless control & full battery operation for cordless floors
and  instant on functionality when batteries run down and table is plugged in.
No waiting for table charge to build.

The lowest profile base in the industry

For improved C-Arm access



Curve Spine Frame C000-1750
Provides maximum lordosis for Laminectomy, 
Decompression, Disc Surgery and Microdiscectomy 
procedures. Includes hand crank. Patient supports are adjustable to fit different patient sizes.

Clamp-on Accessory Rail A100-1007 Rail is 8.5″ long x 3/8” thick x 1-1/8” high..

Arm Board A310-056 Quick-release, rail mounted. Requires Clamp-on Accessory Rail A100-1007

Headrest Extension A100-2317 Articulating carbon fiber headrest, Attaches to the imaging end of the table. Requires the table to have an X100-2492 style tabletop. 23-1/8” wide x 12” long.

Tabletop Catheter Tray Extension A100-1769 24.25” wide, 30” long. Mounts to pedestal end of table only. The maximum weight this extension can support is 20 LBS or 9 Kgs.

Tabletop Catheter Tray Extension
A100-2322 20 3/4” x 27” long. Mounts to imaging end of table only. Requires tabletop X100-2492. The maximum weight this extension can support is 20 LBS or 9 Kgs.

Radiation Shield A610-051 Articulating, rail-mounted. Attaches to table side-rail at base end of table, either side, adjustable. Articulating joint allows shield to conform to table contour. Snap-on upper section above level of tabletop is removable.

Anesthesia Screen Holder C000-0965 Flexible “hoop” style. Mounts directly to A100-2317 Headrest Extension. For use on accessory rails – a pair of rotating side rail clamps, part number C000-0746, are required. Rotating side rail clamps and clamp-on accessory rails are not required if table is ordered with the A100-2317 Headrest Extension.

Peripheral Extension A100-2486 Carbon fiber extension, mounts to imaging end of table only. 22″ wide,, 12” long. Maximum weight for this extension is 25 lbs or 11.4 Kgs. – Requires tabletop X100-2492

IDI Medical Grade Anti-Fatigue Mat C000-1181 24”(610mm) x 66”(1676mm) x ¾” (19mm) Heavy-duty, one-piece construction for high-traffic areas. Safe & non-toxic, contains no plasticizers and will not leach over time. Durable brushed texture. Surface is puncture & abrasion-resistant. Antimicrobial properties for added protection. Stain & chemical resistant. No-curl, beveled edges that reduce tripping potential. Non-slip bottom certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.

VAB Armboard A100-2244 Carbon fiber, one-piece, extra wide armboard for vascular access procedures (body section slides under patient/table pad). Includes strap and pad.



Trendelenburg tilt: ±12°

▲ Longitudinal Travel: 32″ (81.3cm)

▲ Transverse travel: 8″ (20.3cm)