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Sim.LED 500
140,000 LUX



For use in Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Outpatient settings

Sim.LED 500 combines great cost-effectiveness and perfect light performance with virtually shadow-free illumination of the OR field – its dimmability allows illumination intensities of up to 140,000 lux.

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STERILE my.GRIP control

  • Sterile control of two operating functions in parallel and directly on the sterile handle
  • Up to 12 freely selectable combinations
  • Additional step for optimal hygienic conditions
  • Easily programmable using cardanic control panel

Patented reflector technology

  • Top light performance
  • Outstanding shadow resolution
  • Unsurpassed light-emitting surface
  • Integrated ambient light for minimally invasive surgery

Lightweight aluminum head and mounting bracket

  • Quick and smooth positioning


  • Very low energy consumption
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency – low power consumption
  • Excellent laminar flow values
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to maximum energy efficiency with optimal heat management
  • Very long service life

RSRS: For light without shadows

  • Reflector Shadow Resolution System (RSRS) for a unique light quality: large light-emitting surface, shadow-free light, for ideal illumination entirely without sensor systems or automatic adaptation of the light values.

Light-resistant, scratch-proof ESG safety glass

  • Ensures optimal light transmittance over the lights’ entire life cycle
  • Seamlessly sealed design meets the highest hygienic demands


A combination of the BusinessLine Sim.LED 700/500 is ideally suited for this application

Service, maintenance and expansion-friendly

  • Easy upgrade to the latest LED generation
  • Easily incorporated into integrated systems via Sim.INTERFACE
  • System expansion via Sim.CAM camera and Sim.SCREEN monitor mounting arm systems
  • Upgradeable service software
SIMEON BusinessLine Sim.LED 500 SC  Sim.LED 500 MC
Central illumination intensity at a distance of 1 meter [lx] 140,000 140,000
Electronical dimmability from/to [lx] 42,000 –140,000 42,000 –140,000
Color temperature [K] 4,500 3,500 – 5,500
Focusable field size d10 at a distance of 1 meter [mm] 180 – 290 180 – 290
Electronic field adjustment yes yes
Color rendering index Ra in every color temperature setting 96 96
Red rendering index R9 96 94
”Skin color” rendering index R13 98 98
Illumination depth without refocusing (L1+ L2) at 20 % [mm] 930 945
Illumination depth without refocusing (L1+ L2) at 60 % [mm] 460 495
Light head weight [kg] 15 15
Light head power consumption [W] 53 62
LED life time [h] > 60,000 > 60,000
Temperature increase at head height < 1 °C < 1 °C
Light-emitting surface 2,360 cm² 2,360 cm²
Sim.CAM optional optional
Approval CE CE

Tolerance ±10%
Technical specifications are subject to change