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ComfortFin® Stirrups

Lithotomy positioning just got easier and safer

ComfortFin 350 Stirrups for patients up to 350 lbs. (159 kg)
ComfortFin 500 Stirrups are availble for patients up to 500 lbs. (230 kg)

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Curve Spine
Siderail clamp

Prepping just got safer

Medial to lateral foot cover closure system keeps dangling straps away
from the prep area.

Cleaning just got safer

Silicone straps should be part of your comprehensive Bioburden Reduction Plan. Silicon closure straps are much easier to clean and more durable than VELCRO® style straps. (Tested 27,000 cycles with no failure. Hook and loop loses 50% of holding strength at 2,500 cycles.)

Pressure protection just got better
ComfortFin Stirrups have more protective padding than traditional stirrups. Protect your patients from positioning injuries. The boot padding
completely encapsulates the boot shell reducing risk of fascia damage due to contact with hard plastic.

Sizing just got better
Unlike traditional stirrups the ComfortFin 350 and ComfortFin 500 have boots sized to handle today’s larger patients.
Correct sizing reduces the risk of pressure injuries.

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