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Video integration systems

See what you’ve been missing

ilex systems with MultiView Technology provide Hybrid room video management performance
at a fraction of the cost

ilex is available in three configurations

ilex with 55″ HD Monitor

ilex with 55″ HD Monitor + Tablet Control
& MultiView Technology

ilex with 58″ HD Monitor + Tablet Control
& MultiView Technology



 Looking for an affordable video integration solution for an office-based lab?
Learn about the ilex D

Up to 10 custom layouts/image presets with MultiView Table Control option


The ideal display solution – Vascular, GI, Spine, Trauma & Hybrid Overflow

So much more than a monitor on a stand

The ilex series visualization products are much more than simply monitors on a mobile stand. ilex includes the complex electronics associated with fixed room integration solutions for scaling, conversion and switching devices and incorporates them into our mobile chassis.


 “I don’t need to mag as much with the size of these images”
Vascular Surgeon, Georgia

Clinically correct
All ilex integration solutions incorporate clinically correct color and gray scale pallets, including DICOM gamma settings to ensure the level of clinical compliance not found in consumer grade products.

ilex Tablet Control with MultiView technology (Option)

Add MultiView Tablet Control

  • Simultaneous display of up to four user-definable windows
  • Touch Screen control of inputs sources and layouts
  • Up to 10 custom layouts with image presets
  • Intuitive color coded screen layout and source selection
  • Rotational Mode allows image rotation
  • “Pinch” zoom on tablet
  • Tablet PC can be mounted on ilex base or tableside

Display virtually any source
In addition to HD and UHD digital inputs, the ilex system will convert and display legacy sources from commonly found analog video output devices (Hemodynamic and IVUS).

ilex with 58″ HD monitor + MultiView Table Control

Add MultiView Tablet Control and a 58” monitor

  • Empower Surgeons and their clinical staff to be the room designers based on case requirements and clinical approach to each procedure.
  • IVUS, fluoro images and hemodynamics can simultaneously be displayed on one screen with our new Ilex 58-inch
  • Multi-View technology. The integration of images improves visualization and reduces neck strain.
  • Improves access to the C-arm monitor cart as the monitor cart is no longer needed table side.

I’ve never been able to see the aspiration needle and biopsy forceps until today. ilex is a 10/10.”

Pulmonologist | Maryland

Specifications & Options



  • Accepts digital and analog inputs from multiple sources including: C-Arm, ultrasound, echo, hemodynam­ics, microscopes, cameras, image
    guidance, & PACS workstations.
  • 55” (140cm) 4k UHD Surgical Monitor (includes gamma, grayscale and color correct curves for display of medical sources)
  • Optional 58” (147cm) 4K UHD High-Bright DICOM calibrated monitor with backlight stabilization and calibration software
  • Three equipment shelves
  • Hand held remote control for video formatting
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Built in USB charging station


  • 5” casters (125mm) with three position locking system for easy transport and positioning
  • Motorized column with 20” (51cm) vertical travel
  • Video input ports: 4) DVI, (2) SDI, (2) VGA, (2) SOG, (2) S video, (2) Display ports
  • Bluetooth speaker system


  • 4K UHD resolution, (55”) or (58”) 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Aspect: 16:9
  • Typical Pixel Pitch .315 x .315mm  (may vary by monitor)


  • FALCO MD62 wireless video
    connectivity 4K-60 fps live video multicasting. Near zero latency (<2mS) wireless video connectivity
  • DVR video recorder
  • Paper printer

Inputs for 55″ monitor:

  • Configurable video signal input panels with the following available inputs: 5x DVI-D, 3x VGA, 2x SOG, 2x S-Video, 1x SDI

Inputs for 55″ monitor + tablet control and MultiView technology

  • Configurable video signal input panels with the following available inputs: 4x DVI-D, 2x VGA, 2x SOG, 1x S-Video, 1x SDI

Inputs for 58” monitor + tablet control & Multiview Technology

  • Configurable video signal input panels with the following available inputs: 4x DVI-D, 2x VGA, 2x SOG,
1x S-Video, 1x SDI

*Monitor specific
Specifications are subject to change without notice.