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Sim.LED 4500
For outpatient and plastic surgery procedures

The Sim.LED 4500 is the ideal light for outpatient and plastic surgery.
This light provides ideal illumination, uniform light and very good depth

It is also perfect for in-depth examinations in intensive care. High-grade materials and a unique design offer a wide range of adjustment options, smooth positioning and low heat output with low power consumption.

  • Continuously variable for individual light setting
  • Uniform light field thanks to patented reflector technology

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Patented reflector technology

Use in conjunction with a monitor

Sim.LED 4500 shown with IDI’s ISR Interventional / Endovascular Table

Sim.LED 4500
Central illumination intensity at a distance of 1 meter [lx]  100,000
Electrical dimmability from/to [lx]  25,000 – 100,000
Color temperature [K]  4,500
Field size d10 at a distance of 1 meter [mm]  170
Color rendering index Ra  96
Red rendering index R9  96
Illumination depth without refocusing (L1/L2) [mm]  1,530
Light head weight [kg]  3
Light head power consumption [W]  28
No. of LEDs  18
Approval  CE
LED lifespan [h]  > 60,000

Tolerance ±10%
Technical specifications are subject to change


Minor surgical lighting Sim.LED 4500 with battery system

Mobile examination light
All advantages of the Sim.LED 4500 are also available in a mobile version.

Examination light with wall bracket
Sim.LED 4500 with wall bracket

Examination light with ceiling mount

Sim.LED 4500 with ceiling mount

Sim.LED 4500 in conjunction with a monitor