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Video Integration System  

Fixed urology room replacement
Hybrid vascular overflow
General and specialty surgery
Spine and orthopedics

MDS Advantages in Urology, GI & Vascular surgery

    • Tablet-controlled routing on 32″ 4K UHD monitors
    • Inputs for all cameras, C-arms, Ultrasound, PACS
    • Displays reference, live, and camera images at the same time
    • Ergonomically positioned displays reduce fatigue
    • The MDS adapts to the desired clinical need, and monitor arms are moved to the desired position and then retracted out of the way when finished
    • Lower cost alternative to a ceiling or floor-mounted video systems
    • Zero room downtime, planning, or installation cost.
    • Modular in nature, easy to update as technology advances
    • Adjustable shelves provide ample space to mount video components and in most cases reduce the number of carts required in the room.
    • Reduces the ceiling mount conflicts between the lights, monitor arms, and equipment booms while still presenting clinical images in a superior location and viewing angle.


      • Vascular overflow
      • Multimodality imaging
      • Centralized image viewing
      • Reduces table-side clutter
  • “The 4K images look crisper and allow me to
    easily see small vessel detail”
    Vascular Surgeon, Arizona



“The 4K UHD monitors really pop”


A C-arm-based mobile solution is more versatile and can provide a dramatic reduction in physician X-ray exposure when compared to a fixed urology table.

      • A complete urology suite
      • KUB visualization without moving C-arm
      • Ergonomic positioning
      • Position monitors for standing or sitting
      • Bilateral access
      • Enhances room utilization



      • ERCP, EBUS & bronchoscopy
      • Enhances table access
      • Improves workflow
      • Consolidates images

“I really like how the MDS allows me to magnify the smaller images from my 2mm scope. ”

Split Monitors

Staggered Monitors

Stacked Monitors

Side-by-side Monitors



  • Dual-Arm Mobile Display Stand
  • Two  32” 4K UHD monitors
  • Video Router/Controller with Touchscreen User Interface
  • Two protective covers for 32” monitors
  • Video connections cable kit

Dual arm mobile display







32” 4K UHD monitors

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixel
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Brightness (typical): 800 cd/m² maximum
Number of colors: 1.07 billion
Response time (typical): 11 ms (rise time)

Intuitive touchscreen user interface

Allows any input to be routed to either monitor and allows any two inputs to be displayed on a single monitor in picture-in-picture or split screen format. Should the tablet ever be lost or broken, backup controls on the ControlOR video router can be used. Inputs are modular by design and can be easily changed and upgraded if technology changes.




4K router video input:
2 DP
2 Composite
2 3G/12G
SOG kit available as an optional accessory

4K router output:
4 HDMI scalable outputs, 3 are used by the system
2 scalable DP
1 scalable 12G/3G SDI
4 HDMI non scalable outputs (can only output single input and no image optimization with these outputs)

Monitor arms
Dual-articulating arms with positioning handles and low-force manual motion for easy video monitor positioning. 

Fully counterbalanced manual height adjustment of articulating monitor arms with manual pivot and rotation of monitors.

Cable track allows vertical height adjustment of arms without cabling stress.

Equipment shelves, etc
Four built-in, adjustable equipment shelves: 19.75” (50 cm) wide x 19.75” (50 cm) depth. Maximum shelf load per shelf: 25 lbs. (11 kg per shelf).

Transport and storage
Lockable double-wheeled 6” casters with cable pushers. 

Ergonomic transport handles, front and rear, for easy transport and positioning.

Built-in storage compartment for monitor protective covers.

1800 watt isolation transformer and medical grade power strip for connection of ancillary equipment.

North American Version: Requires ~115VAC 60Hz 15 amp dedicated outlet. Maximum allowable combined load (MDS + equipment on shelves)  = 12 amps.

EU Version: requires ~230 VAC 50Hz 10 amp
dedicated outlet. Maximum allowable combined load (MDS + equipment on shelves)  = 7.5 amps.


  • Fully-counterbalanced articulating arms for easy manual positioning with up to 36” (91cm) vertical travel and up to 81” (205.7cm) horizontal extension.

Brilliant 32” 4K Monitors 

  • High-brightness LED monitors display over-the-table images in wide-screen, picture-in-picture or split-screen modes.

Input image from any video source

  • The MDS accepts analog and digital signals from multiple sources including C-Arm, ultrasound, hemodynamics, microscopes, cameras, image guidance, PACS, and all image intensifier and flat detector fluoro technologies.

Intuitive multimodality touchscreen routing







Intuitive touchscreen tablet video routing allows easy selection of image location and format. User-specific settings can be saved and recalled for easy procedural setup or customized to meet a specific need.

Portable image suite

Combine MDS with your C-arm and mobile table for a completely portable suite for urology, vascular, GI or other applications.

Maximizing space

  • The MDS system is the perfect alternative solution for small rooms, low ceiling heights, or construction restrictions that make fixed systems impractical. The MDS is the perfect solution to these unique opportunities and can help maximize your room potential.

Lower Cost

  • The MDS requires no time-consuming site planning or construction expense and has a substantially lower acquisition cost than fixed room 

Simple installation

  • Fixed boom systems require perfect placement and infrastructure changes in order to satisfy every possible current and future clinical application. The MDS system is portable and does not require changes to existing infrastructure.

Room layout flexibility
Easy system transport

  • The MDS mobility and positioning versatility allows convenient layout of the OR for virtually any procedure.

Easier scheduling

Fixed room configurations may tie surgeons to specific rooms and may limit scheduling options for OR management. The MDS adapts to the room, or the procedure at hand, and can be configured to be a multi-functional clinical procedure cart.

Open architecture

The MDS accepts virtually all video sources from a wide variety of medical device companies. The system can be reconfigured if your technology changes, making it easier and less costly to upgrade and keep your OR state-of-the-art devices.

Endo Shelf   A280-0415
Includes medical rail shelf with two bilateral slide-out shelves for MDS or MDS D.

Medical Rail Shelf  A280-0130
Shelf Includes medical rails. Add if equipment may overload the standard 3-shelf configuration.

Shelf with Keyboard   A282-0005
Kit includes: (A280-0130) medical rail shelf with sliding keyboard carriage for customer-supplied keyboard. Carbon fiber, shoulder mount (attaches by sliding thin section under patient/table pad), flat. Includes pad and strap.

Multi-position Arm Support   C000-1180
Attaches to IDI tables with accessory rails – or can be used with a clamp on accessory rail on tables or areas within a table that do not have accessory rails.  Length: 23.5 inches (600mm).

Articulated Arm Kit   A282-0016
Kit includes the mounting clamp and articulated arm for mounting a third 15” monitor (10 lb. max load) or patient monitor.

Suction Canister Kit   A282-0009
Includes: 2 suction canister rail clamps and brackets suitable for 3000 ml canister.

Cable Hook   A280-0570
Cable storage J-hook for external cables.

C02 Bracket Kit   A280-0401
Includes pair of CO2 bottle holder brackets for customer-suppliedinsufflator. Bottle and accessories supplied by customer.

Shelf with Nook   A282-0008
Includes: Medical rail shelf with under-mounted nook that will accommodate a DAU switcher, freeing up shelf space. Customer installation only. Nook size: 4” H x 19” W.

External Source Cable Kit   A282-0003
Kit includes cables for any external device that is not mounted directly onto the MDS stand (i.e. ultrasound, PACS, hemodynamics).

IV Pole Kit   A280-0508
Includes two IV rail clamps and two-hook IV Pole. Clamps are suitable for mounting 4’ 2-hook IV pole onto two medical rail equipped (A280-0130) shelves. Note: this option requires two shelves with medical rails.

FALCO MD62 wireless video
4K-60 fps live video multicasting. Near zero latency (<2mS) wireless video connectivity for IDI video integration systems.