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Aspect 100-4T G2 Optional Accessories

Clamp-on Accessory Rail

Rail is 6" long x 3/8” thick x 1-1/8” high.

Arm Board

Quick-release, rail mounted.  Requires Clamp-on Accessory Rail A100-1007.

Arm Board

Carbon fiber, shoulder mount (attaches by sliding thin section under patient/table pad), flat. Includes pad and strap.

Multi-position Arm Support

Attaches to IDI tables with accessory rails - or can be used with a clamp on accessory rail on tables or areas within a table that do not have accessory rails.  Length: 23.5 inches (600mm).

Headrest Extension

Articulating carbon fiber headrest, Attaches to the imaging end of the table. Requires the table to have an X100-2492 style tabletop. 23-1/8” wide x 12” long.

Tabletop Catheter Tray Extension

24.25” wide, 30” long. Mounts to pedestal end of table only. The maximum weight this extension can support is 20 LBS or 9 Kgs.

Tabletop Catheter Tray Extension

20 3/4” x 27” long. Mounts to imaging end of table only. Requires tabletop X100-2492. The maximum weight this extension can support is 20 LBS or 9 Kgs.

Radiation Shield

Articulating, rail-mounted. Attaches to table side-rail at base end of table, either side, adjustable. Articulating joint allows shield to conform to table contour. Snap-on upper section above level of tabletop is removable.

Anesthesia Screen Holder

Flexible "hoop" style. Mounts directly to A100-2317 Headrest Extension. For use on accessory rails - a pair of rotating side rail clamps, part number C000-0746, are required.  Rotating side rail clamps and clamp-on accessory rails are not required if table is ordered with the A100-2317 Headrest Extension.

Anesthesia Screen Holder

Rigid rod, single point mount. Adjusts vertically from 22" to 30" and rotates horizontally.  (Requires one rotating side rail clamp C000-0746. If anesthesia screen is to be attached to tabletop area that has no side rail a clamp-on accessory rail is also required.

Peripheral Extension

Carbon fiber extension, mounts to imaging end of table only. 22" wide,, 12” long. Maximum weight for this extension is 25 lbs or 11.4 Kgs. - Requires tabletop X100-2492.

Foot control

Foot control for Aspect 100-4T G2 table. Foot control motions are: elevate/lower and Trendelenburg down/up.

IDI Medical Grade Anti-Fatigue Mat
22” x 66” (59cm x 167cm)

Heavy-duty, one-piece construction for high-traffic  areas. Safe & non-toxic, contains no plasticizers and will not leach over time. Durable brushed texture. Surface is puncture & abrasion-resistant. Antimicrobial properties for added protection. Stain & chemical resistant. No-curl, beveled edges that reduce tripping potential. Non-slip bottom certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Side-rail clamp

Rotating, with socket for attachment of accessories with 5/8 inch circular post.

VAB Armboard

Carbon fiber, one-piece, extra wide armboard for vascular access procedures (body section slides under patient/table pad). Includes strap and pad.